Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy Details.

Reservations up to 30 days.

Free cancellation or dates change until 15 days before check-in time. If booked less than 15 days before check-in, free cancellation or dates change for 48 hours after booking, up to 24 hours before check-in. All fees including cleaning fee are non-refundable after that time. Dates change is not possible after the free cancellation windows is over.

Optionally you can opt-in for the Stay Flex option during the booking process to extend your cancellation window or change your reservation dates up to 5 days before check-in.

Reservations of 30 days or more.

Free cancellation until 15 days before check-in time.
Cancelling up to 2 weeks prior to check-in, first month’s rent is charged in full.

Terminating contract early, all months remaining and start 45 days after the termination time are fully refundable.
The booking fee is non-refundable.

All promotional and discounted rates are non-refundable at any time of cancellation.

All cancellation terms apply for date changes as well.

Money back satisfaction guarantee

Cancellations made within 12 hours of check-in are fully refundable if the apartment does not meet your expectations. Applies only for online bookings without a prior property viewing.

The booking fee is non-refundable.

Extenuating circumstances

We may be able to give you a refund if you have to cancel because of an unexpected circumstance that’s out of your control. Below is a list of circumstances covered. This policy applies only to extenuating circumstances that occur before the official check-in date for your reservation.

  • Death of a guest, or a immediate family member.
  • Unexpected serious illness or injury affecting a member of the traveling party (COVID19 infection is excluded).
  • Government-mandated obligations including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearances, and military deployment.
  • Transportation disruptions that make it impossible to travel to your destination, including road closures and flight cancellations where there are no alternative methods of travel. This includes closures and cancellations caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or severe storms.
  • Safety and security threat advisories issued for the property location.
  • Essential utility outages that affect the property location.
  • Changes to visa or passport requirements that make it impossible to travel to the destination. This doesn’t include lost or expired travel documents.

In all cases you’ll be asked to provide supporting documentation. Claims covered from this policy must be submitted within 14 days of cancellation.